Phase I Environmental Site Assessments

P1_ESA Stack_1

RRC performs Phase I ESAs in accordance with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM Practice E1527-13). This ASTM process is the widely-accepted standard for completion of ESAs needed to meet one of the due diligence requirements for limited liability under CERCLA. The Phase I ESA is recommended for sites with an inferred higher potential for environmental liability such as sites with an unknown or uncertain history, industrial sites, some environmentally-sensitive commercial sites and sites within historically industrial areas.

The elements typically included in a Phase I ESA include:

  • All elements of the Database Records Screen (DRS);
  • A detailed on-site inspection;
  • Off-site reconnaissance of adjacent properties from the subject properties or accessible public areas;
  • A review of historical aerial photography and street directories as available;
  • Interviews with owners, managers or others with historic knowledge of the site, if available;
  • Interviews with selected local officials (fire marshal, county emergency manager, building department, health department, etc.);
  • A review of  reasonably ascertainable Recorder of Deeds and Assessor records;
  • A title search for a 50-year period (if requested at additional cost);
  • An environmental lien inquiry (if requested at additional cost);
  • A review of  reasonably ascertainable fire insurance maps, floodplain maps, topographic maps, soils survey reports, zoning maps; and radon maps;
  • An evaluation of geologic and hydrogeologic conditions based on review of  reasonably ascertainable data;
  • A review of  prior environmental assessment reports, if provided by the client or facility in question;
  • A review of  site-specific state environmental agency files requested under the Freedom of Information Act; and
  • A Phase 1 ESA report prepared by an Environmental Professional that meets the requirements of ASTM Practice E1527-13 and includes the ESA questionnaire, a site map, copies of records identified, selected reconnaissance photographs, conclusions regarding the presence of recognized environmental conditions at the subject property, and recommendations regarding the need for additional assessment.

Please contact RRC for a cost proposal. Other elements that could be incorporated into the Phase I ESA, which are considered additional scope issues by ASTM, include detailed surveys with sampling for asbestos-containing building materials, radon, lead-based paint, lead in drinking water, wetlands, and mold.