Transaction Screen Assessments

Aerial progression_1The Transaction Screen Assessment (TSA) is a secondary review of the property to identify potential for environmental impairment. It is typically used for sites with an inferred elevated potential for environmental risk such as agricultural properties; some residential properties; or recently developed (after 1990), small scale, commercial properties in non-industrial areas where the site history is reasonably well known. The TSA scope does not meet the USEPA AAI requirements for limited liability protection under CERCLA (40 CFR ยง 312.265).

TSA Stack_1The elements typically included in a TSA include:

  • All elements of the Database Records Screen (DRS);
  • A detailed on-site reconnaissance;
  • An off-site reconnaissance of adjacent properties from the subject property or accessible public areas;
  • A search of at least two additional reasonably ascertainable historical use record sources (aerial photography, city directories, or fire insurance maps) pertaining to the subject property and adjoining properties;
  • Interviews with owners, managers or others with historic knowledge of the site, if available;
  • Interviews with selected local officials (fire department, county emergency agency, building department, health department, etc.) ; and
  • A brief report prepared by an Environmental Professional that includes the TSA questionnaire, a site map, selected reconnaissance photographs, conclusions regarding the presence of recognized environmental conditions at the subject property, and recommendations regarding the need for additional assessment.

Please contact RRC for a cost proposal. If, at any time during the TSA process, we identify environmental issues indicating the need for a more intensive assessment (Phase I ESA), we notify the client immediately. When approved by the client, we continue the assessment as a Phase I ESA and apply the costs for the Transaction Screen toward the normal cost of the Phase I ESA.